Check out our brand new treasure hunt app (it’s a lot of fun)!

iHunt is a suite of apps based on areas throughout the UK. Each app is free and consists of a number of treasure hunts that are based within that area. Each treasure hunt is based on an area (location or tourist attraction) within that area and can be either free to play or play via an in app purchase.

Upon startup the app will present the player with a list of locations in the given are which can be displayed in a list detailing the town / attraction name, a brief description, a price / free and distance from the players current location. A navigation bar at the bottom of the app allows the user to also select a map view to see where each treasure hunt is. The navigation bar also has an option to display ‘How to play’ help screen and an option to set up the basic settings such as sound on / off.

The player can select the required treasure hunt from the list to display additional treasure hunt information such as distance, approximate time required and grade based on navigational difficulty (easy, medium and hard). The player can then continue to the treasure hunt if the hunt is free, or pay via an in app purchase and then continuing to the treasure hunt.

Once the player starts the treasure hunt the will be guided via either directions or map as to how to reach the first location. Once the player reaches the first location they can press the Continue button and the first clue will be displayed as well as the timer starting. Each clue will have four multiple choice answers for them to choose from. If they are unable to solve the clue given the information based in the riddle / question then they have the option of using either a 50/50 which will remove to of the four answers or getting an additional tip to help them solve the clue. Each correct answer will score 10 points, using a 50/50 (maximum of 5 available) will deduct four points form the score and receiving a tip will deduct two points from the score. Each location will consist of between one and four clues to solve. Once these have been completed the player will be directed to the next location. Whilst they are heading there they can activate the Information button which will provide a factual insight to it (minus any giveaways which may help them to solve the clues).

Once all of the clues at all of the locations have been completed then the player will reach the end view which will detail the completion score minus any time penalties for for coming in after the allowed time. The player will then have the option to upload their final score to a location based leader-board where they can chart their progress against other players.

The settings view will allow the player to reset an individual location treasure hunt or all treasure hunts in the app, so that they can play then again. There is also an option for the player to sync their purchases to other devices that they use (i.e. iPhone and iPad) so that they can also play their purchased and free apps without having to re-purchase them.